Kalorik CC-24293 Grill/Sandwich Maker

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The Kalorik CC-24293 is a combination grill and sandwich maker. It is packaged with three interchangeable plates so that you can easily make various types of foods with one appliance. You can find this model for an average price of $70. Keep reading to learn about some of its other features.

Kalorik CC-24293The Kalorik CC-24293 combination grill/sandwich maker features an adjustable thermostat control. You can choose the appropriate heat level from settings including minimum, 300 degrees, 340 degrees, 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and maximum. The maximum heat setting can get approximately 440 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Kalorik CC-24293 is packaged with three interchangeable cooking plates. They enable you to use this one appliance to make waffles, sandwiches, or grilled foods. The sandwich cooking plate is fitted with enough pockets to make two whole sandwiches at once.


You will also like how easy the Kalorik CC-24293 grill/waffle maker is to maintain. Every one of the cooking plates have a non-stick coating so food releases easily and they’re easy to clean. The unit also has hidden hinges so that you can wipe the exterior down with ease.


The Kalorik CC-24293 offers simple operation. The automatically-opening lid features glide-action. The unit is also fitted with indicator lights. They illuminate when the machine is on and when it has reached the appropriate cooking temperature.


The Kalorik CC-24293 has a drip tray to catch grease and oil. This helps you cook healthier food with the oil removing panini press. The bottom of the appliance is equipped with non-slip feet, so you don’t have to worry about it moving around on your countertop. It is backed by a one year limited warranty.

The Kalorik CC-24293 is packaged with three different cooking plates so you can use it as a grill, waffle maker, and sandwich maker. The adjustable thermostat control offers settings of minimum, 300 degrees, 340 degrees, 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and maximum. Each of the cooking plates has a non-stick coating so it’s easy to clean.

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